The Fountain – North Beach, Screenprint on card, print on metal, 2017


Jenny Steele is a Scottish artist based in Manchester, UK. Her work references 20th Century architecture, most recently coastal mid war architecture and design. She is interested in the permanence of architecture, and in particular how mid war design embodied utopic hope for the future. She seeks to revive its positive restorative qualities through her practice that encompasses printmaking, sculpture, drawing, textiles and site-specific artwork.

Recent solo exhibitions include; This Building for Hope, The Midland Morecambe (2017), Too Much is Never  Enough, The Breakwater, Miami, USA, This House for Building residency and exhibition at The Tetley, Leeds (2017) and An Architecture of Joy, Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool (2016). Recent commissions and residencies include The Fountainhead Residency (2017), AA2A Residency at UcLan (2017), Grundy Art Gallery Courtyard Commission (2016), Finding Treblinka for Staffordshire University exhibited at Treblinka Museum, Poland and Wiener Library, UK (2015) and Following the Market Square with Harris Museum and Art Gallery and In Certain Places, Preston (2012).


Instagram/Twitter: @jennycsteele


The Tropical Garden, digital print on vinyl, 1.5m x 8m, 2017
Not so Nautical a Divide, 81cm x 56cm, digital print on PVC banners, Morecambe promenade, 2017
A Job for Life, 2017 Drawing digitally printed onto wallpaper. 3m x 4.2m
Almost.. a hundred more years of progress, 2017, screen print digitally printed on silk, 60cm x 60cm. Edition of 30.