hi! i’m beznitz.
selected works 2017 – 2020 by Mateusz Beznitz
7 – 29 March 2020
preview: Friday 6 March 6 – 9 pm
“Creativity brings me a sense of life, sense of what makes me a human and why I am here on this Earth”  – Beznitz
“hi! i’m beznitz.” is an exhibition of Mateusz Beznitz’s paintings created from the time of his arrival in the UK in September 2016 up to the present day.
This exhibition showcases his large scale paintings as well as a series of over 30 small abstract portraits. Marking a new period of time in his life, all of these works have been created in the UK – most in his current studio at Rogue, and others back in 2017 in his flat.

Beznitz invites you to explore, contemplate, interpret, enjoy or dislike his work. His abstract expressive paintings are rather detached from conscious decision making and reveal intuitive aspects of his humanity, some would say they almost feel like visual poems.
Beznitz is a European visual artist, painter and sculptor. He studied Fine Art at University of Technology and Humanities in Radom, Poland. Born in 1975 in Starachowice, Poland, Beznitz is currently based in Manchester, United Kingdom.

He is a member and resident of Rogue Artists’ Studios & Project Space CIC, co-founding member of Europia Art Collective, and member of Artists Union England.
The exhibition has been curated by Karol Kochanowski, co-founding member of Europia Art Collective.
Rogue Artists’ Studios CIC
2-6 Barrass Street,
M11 1PU

the experience of history

new and recent work by david gledhill

Extended until February 24th!

open every Monday, Thursday and Friday 12-5pm.

(Closed December 21 – January 6)

Private View: Friday January 10 6-9pm

Rogue Project Space

4 Barrass Street

Higher Openshaw


M11 1WP

the experience of history is an exhibition of paintings, films and objects based on and incorporating amateur snapshots acquired from flea markets in Europe during the past 10 years.

Most of the photographs were taken between 1930 and 1945 and provide a glimpse of a momentous period in modern history, as recorded by citizen photographers.

The exhibition features four linked projects. ‘Poland 1940-1941’ is based on an album of photographs probably taken by a German civil administrator posted to Sosnowiec in southern Poland in June 1940. ‘The Berlin Olympic Village Project’ features paintings based on amateur snapshots of the Olympic Village during the Games in 1936, together with paintings and films that depict the Village as it appeared in 2016. ‘Karel/Karl’ includes paintings based on photographs from a box of personal effects that belonged to an ethnic German carpenter from Czechoslovakia, together with assemblages that combine furniture and suitcases with documents from the box. ‘Ruth Finger’ is based on a small wallet of personal photographs taken in Germany during the 1940s.

Timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the start of the Second World War and at a turning point in British history, the exhibition shows how previously tolerant populations can be persuaded to identify with extremist ideologies through a process of indoctrination, scapegoating and pageantry.

For further information or to arrange to visit contact:

David Gledhill

Email: rogueartistsstudios@yahoo.co.uk

Rogue Women

16 November – 1 December

Private View: Friday 15 November 6 – 9pm

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