Part of the British Art Show and A Modest Show Programme

Louise Adkins – Jack Brown – Mike Chavez-Dawson – Rachel Goodyear – Mary Griffiths – Lesley Halliwell – Andrew McDonald – Richard Shields – Ruby Tingle – Simon Woolham


Exhibition dates: Every Saturday 1-4pm May 21st – September 3rd 2022

Preview: Saturday 14th May, 1-5pm

Artists group talks on Saturday 9th and Saturday 16th July from 2pm till 3pm

Event: The Nose is For Breathing, The Mouth is for Eating: September 3rd 2022

DRAWING-IN-BREATHING-OUT explores the realms between the drawn and performed mark and gesture through a variety of provocations and modes of practice. The artists in the exhibition utilise a number of active and traced drawing processes throughout their practices from the animated to the bodily.

Expanded drawing practices are captured from moments of everyday life, journeys through specific sites of history and narrative, documenting live psychological states-of-mind, re-living and reflecting on moments of trauma or drawing trapped in its own existence, all with a sense of playfulness and unpredictability.

Louise Adkins, Jack Brown, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Rachel Goodyear, Mary Griffiths, Lesley Halliwell, Andrew McDonald, Richard Shields, Ruby Tingle and Simon Woolham are all based at artists’ studios in Manchester, Paradise Works, Islington Mill and Rogue Artists’ Studios where there will be a number of simultaneous exhibitions and events forming part of the British Art Show Satellite Programme.

Forming part of the exhibition there will be an invitation only dinnerevent, The Nose is For Breathing, The Mouth is for Eating on the occasion of DRAWING-IN-BREATHING-OUT. A ceremony of performances and moving image works will be presented during the meal, a dish of which will be designed and presented by each artist. The feast tables will be built by Mike Chavez-Dawson designed from sections of drawings from the artists presented in the exhibition. Each artist in the exhibition will select two curators, collectors, critics or gallerists to The Nose is For Breathing, The Mouth is for Eating.

Group Talk PART 1: ‘Surface, textures of history and narrative conditions of drawing’ introduced by Simon Woolham with Rachel Goodyear, Mary Griffiths, Lesley Halliwell and Andrew McDonald

Group Talk PART 2: ‘The performative, reverberations and the social conditions of drawing’ Introduced by Mike Chavez-Dawson with Louise Adkins, Jack Brown, Richard Shields and Ruby Tingle.