Chester’s work explores the absurdity within the norms of institutional design and authority, examining the idiosyncratic nature of commonplace objects and language. His position as a transgender man is important; his artworks frequently reflect his experience as an outsider from everyday norms and language, which have a cisgender base. His artworks question the absurdity of these everyday norms, playing with gendered gestures and objects, as well as more general rules and instructions which command our everyday experience and public placing.

Chester Tenneson

‘Out here on the mountain top’ (2018) Artist’s own art crate, miniature umbrella and screw (H: 111 x W: 40 X D: 40 cm)
‘We’ll always be together’ (2018) Artist’s own sponge scourer, hinge and screws (H: 8.7 x W: 8 x D: 8 cm)
‘Untitled (A sandwich)’ (2019) (From the series: ‘Birds never look into the Sun’) Acrylic on plywood  (H: 15 x W: 15 cm)
‘Blow the dust from your eyes’ (2020) Artist’s own hot water bottle and bow tie (H: 33 x W: 20 cm)