Charred Chilcot 122 x 158 cm mixed media with blowtorch (2022)


2020  Group Show, Old Trafford Creative Space

2018  Manifestation, Rogue Project Space

2008  Open Exhibition, The Waterside Arts Centre, Sale

2004  Group Show, Atkinson Gallery, Southport

2002  One Man Show, Greon Art Gallery, Manchester

2002  Group Show, Narrative, Image Engine , Rochdale

2001   Noiz, Rogue Group Show, The Zion Centre, Manchester

2000  Two Person Show, Rochdale Art Gallery

1999   Artlink, Stockport Art Gallery


The human face is the vehicle for my practice. I am drawn towards the visual spectacle of this centre of communication and expression. I attempt to convey its many subtle nuances. People’s faces punctuate our world on a daily basis. The inverted image series attempts to address and challenge the notion of what a portrait can be. Not all representations of the human presence have to placate the viewer.

Next Slide Please 100 x 76 cm mixed media (2022)
Sanctions 100 x 76 cm mixed media (2021)


Inverted Johan 2 Oil on Linen 2016
Inverted Johan 2 Oil on Linen (2016)


Inverted Unionist Oil on linen (2016)