Vimeo-Youtube from Nicola Smith on Vimeo.

Nicola is a Performer, working for 8 years specialising this past year as a Makaton Friendly Performer. With Makaton you talk and sign, making performance inclusive for children, and for people with communication difficulties, families, everyone. She makes performances with people and has worked with neurodiverse children at Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry, Manchester Art Gallery, Z-arts and schools in Manchester. Nicola’s performances have movement, music, dress-up, sign, speech, words and pictures in. When you watch the film Statue you can see families and children having fun, learning, signing, moving, and looking.

“I love Makaton as it is a performative language, I like pictures, I like to sign it helps me to communicate with people and engage them with performance, art, dance, and language.”

Statue takes inspiration from the excessive representation of the male and lack of diversity in public statues with her own desire to want to communicate more with audiences. If you would like Statue, Sign & Move with Makaton/Sign Along sessions please email Nicola at: