shifting ground

paintings by Margaret Cahill

Rogue Project Space

4 Barrass Street


M11 1PU

November 4 – November 25

Open Saturdays & Sundays 12 – 4pm

P.V. Saturday November 4, 2-5pm

Shifting Ground is a retrospective exhibition of work resulting from projects undertaken in Europe in the last two decades alongside recent new paintings.

The work draws on the artists experiences of places containing resonances of social, political or historic changes. From an abandoned Russian airbase in Estonia after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 90s through post conflict Kosovo to the 1936 Olympic village outside Berlin.

The images from these sites become the starting point for paintings of spaces balanced between the real and imaginary that look beyond the landscape to distil the essence of a place capturing the sensations it evokes.

The paintings are rooted in the experience of these places but at the same time are mediated notions of landscape refracted through memory.

The exhibition explores themes of memory, history and place and reflects on our relationship with landscape in a shifting and unstable world.

For more information or to arrange an appointment outside opening times please contact Margaret Cahill at:

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