Hollow Hill  biro on paper, 2017

Artist Statement

‘My ongoing research In Search Of The Shortcuts is a social and creative, collaborative exploration, a bodily and psychological experience, defined as both a physical residency and a residency of the mind. Alongside being a time-traveller, I’m a multi-disciplinary visual artist, performer and curator. My on-going research, specifically around expanded drawing and the concept of creating a physical, virtual and psychological artistic residency, encouraging non-linear narrative associated with a multitude of spaces and times. At the core of my practice is the collaborative exploration and encouragement of hidden human details, shared histories, stories associated with belonging and the relationships to specific places and spaces; providing a voice to often unheard narrative.’

‘I have various strands to my expanded drawing research, including the combination of; site-specific text, biro drawing through a variety of formats, collaborative drawing and performance whereby I build and perform drawing, for example, through a local archaeology and walking history group, paper interventions and sculpture, often through the mummification of found objects, re-animating between an objects life and death, both a drawing of the shopping trolley and the trolley itself, interactive digital platforms, film, publications and physical and virtual platforms through collaborative walking. This methodology is focused primarily on transporting around and interpreting space, generating narrative, interpreting a present incarnation and our deeper relationship with a place. My interactive website In Search of the Shortcuts situates and forges the deep-mapping of layers of social relations, presenting both pavement and the cracks-in-between.‘


Contact: 07759 776848

Email: simonwooly@hotmail.com

what was lost biro and paper on found shopping trolley, 2017


Snowdome Installation, National Glass Centre, 2006

The bridge was a good place to throw stuff off  Pop-up publication, 2012