Pendulum Series

Josephine Clinton’s work is an exploration of paint and process.  Her paintings are made by letting the properties of paint form their own marks.  To enable the paint to flow she uses energy and motion, utilising the movements of a pendulum to acquire natural rhythms and free-flowing shapes.  Thus, her role in creating this type of work becomes almost that of catalyst in that the application of the paint is left to the swings and motions of the pendulum.

The sealing of the canvas and the substances applied to its surface are of equal importance to the properties of the paint as by using a variety of techniques, she can create numerous differing effects. This style of painting removes the intimate and almost symbiotic relationship between paint and painter but replaces it with an energy and naturalness, which can only be achieved by incorporating gravity and motion.

Watercolour Paintings

Clinton’s watercolour paintings are inspired by life in urban environment. She uses the sights and sounds of the city in order to portray these senses in her work. The paintings are a combination of the varying shapes, textures and colours found in city landscapes and the differing atmospheres which change constantly with the seasons and the times of the day and night.

Clinton makes paintings by building them up – layer by layer – and by then removing the top surface to reveal the colours underneath. This technique works well for urban landscape as it uses the process of creating in the same way that buildings are made brick by brick, surface on surface.  This is how she makes paintings – layer by layer, surface on surface.

The shapes ‘cut out’ or scrape off represent the harsh line and form of the landscape of the city.


2003-2004  Manchester Metropolitan University – Foundation Art  Distinction
2004-2007 Manchester Metropolitan University – BA (hons) Fine Art (Painting) 2.1

2007    Open Studio, ‘The Other Place’, Manchester

2007    Work exhibited at Studio Art, Warrington
2007    ‘Ariels’,  MMU Degree Show, Manchester

2006    ‘Emerge’, Victoria Baths, Manchester