Olympisches Dorf (3) oil on canvas 122 x 168 cm 2016

David’s current work centres on the use of both personal and institutional photographic archives to produce sequences of paintings that address historical and political themes through the lived experience of their subjects.

David was recently awarded a PhD  from PAHC (Postgraduate Arts and Humanities Centre) at Manchester Metropolitan University. In addition to his activity as an artist, he has contributed writing and reviews to numerous artists’ projects and publications. He is co-director of Rogue Artists’ Studios CIC, the largest studio provider in the North of England.

Works in the collections of East Sussex County Council, Rank Xerox, Halliwell’s, Touchstones Rochdale, Deutsche Kreditbank AG,  and Steven Berkoff.

‘David Gledhill’s Doctor Munscheid photo-realist paintings are meticulous renditions taken from a 1950s photo album picked up from a Frankfurt flea market. The paintings’ chilling air of  displaced nostalgia derives from the seeming incompatibility of dead ordinary family snaps and the artfulness of Gledhill’s painterly dedication.’

Robert Clark from the Guardian (6/11/2010)



A short film about the exhibition ‘person or persons unknown’

the experience of history

Soviet: A film about the surviving Soviet-era buildings at the 1936 Olympic Village near Berlin.

Renate: A documentary by the artist about Frau Renate Manjock, daughter of Dr Wilhelm Munscheid

Artist David Gledhill hunts exhibition stars by Ian Youngs Arts reporter, BBC News




Solo Exhibitions

2023  person or persons unknown Hive Gallery, Bolton.

2019  the experience of history, Project Space, Rogue Studios, Manchester.

2016  McCarthyism, CASC, University of Chester.

2015  Album, Grosvenor Gallery, Manchester School of Art.

2013  Dr Munscheid Paintings, Lowry Hotel, Salford.

2011  Dr Munscheid Paintings, Philips Gallery, Manchester.

2010  Built, City Inn Hotel, Manchester.

2008  These Streets, Recent Paintings Philips Gallery, Manchester.

2006  This Was Home, ‘Touchstones’, Rochdale Art Gallery.

2006  Away From Home, Lowry Hotel, Manchester.

2004  All The Things We Saw, Huyton Gallery, Merseyside.

2003  Cedar Avenue, Comme Ca Art Gallery, Manchester.

1997  Romance, Atrium Bookshop, Cork Street, London.

1996  Close-up, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.


Group Exhibitions 

2018 Bolton School of the Arts: Making Marks for 150 Years Bolton Museum and Art Gallery

2017 Toil, Trade and Titans Touchstones, Rochdale

2017  Berlin 1936 Olympic Village Project neo:gallery 23, Bolton.

2016  Olydo Berlin 2016, Deutsche Kreditbank AG, Berlin.

2016  Progress, Rogue Project Space, Manchester.

2015  Hung, Drawn and Curated, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

2015  Hankering for Classification, Toast, Manchester.

2013  Strarta Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery, London. Phillips Gallery

2013  Neo Art Prize, Market Place Gallery Bolton. (commendation)

2013  Zeigen/Reveal, Three person show Hebden Bridge Arts Festival.

2012  A Century Later, Touchstones Rochdale.

2011  Re-Covering Untitled Gallery, Manchester.

2011  Affordable Art Fair: Milan, Brussels, Bristol.

2010  Two-Person Show with Corin Sworn, Castlefield Gallery.

2007  Meeting Point, axellappprojects, Berlin.

2007  Millscapes, Touring Exhibition (Rochdale/Oldham/Stockport)

2005  Building Capacity, Storey Institute Gallery, Lancaster.


Additional Information:

2017     Jenkinson’s Award, University of Bolton

2016    Publication of In Camera (with Nicholas Royle) Negative Press.

2016    PhD candidate MIRIAD, Manchester School of Art

2016    Jenkinson’s Award, University of Bolton.

2012    Stage 2 of the John Moores Painting Prize

2011    Awarded Cornerhouse Microcommission

2005    (Current) Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Bolton University

2005    (Current) administrator/co-director Rogue Artists’ Studios CIC, Manchester


'Claude Lightfoot Hearing before the Subversive Activities Control Board' Oil on Canvas 122 x 155 cms 2013
‘Claude Lightfoot Hearing before the Subversive Activities Control Board’ oil on canvas 122 x 155 cm 2013


'Detroit Police Arrest Commie Leader' Oil on Canvas 122 x 173 cms 2013
‘Detroit Police Arrest Commie Leader’ oil on canvas 122 x 173 cm 2013


'Pickets on the March at West Vernor and 25th' Oil on Canvas 122x153 cms 2013
‘Pickets on the March at West Vernor and 25th’ oil on canvas 122 x 153 cm 2013


'Leo Turner and Attorney Belford Lawson at a Communist Hearing in 1959' 122x153 cms
‘Leo Turner and Attorney Belford Lawson at a Communist Hearing in 1959’ oil on canvas 122 x 153 cm (2014)