Anna has a passion for documenting the ‘everyday’ being drawn to subjects that are personal to her and within her community. Her photographic project in 2010 looked at the lives and stories of elderly LGBT, whilst previous scholarships have aimed to capture the ‘everyday life’ of a northern city and its inhabitants. More recently, Anna has collaborated on publicly funded projects working with refugees and asylum seekers in Great Manchester.

What is a life? It’s the time we spend between birth and death. The evidence of a life is what we leave behind. By looking at this evidence we gain a deeper insight and understanding of the way people live, their mind-set and their passions through their precious belongings.

The project is dedicated to Zora, a neighbour who died in 2013. Anna has kept and photographed her belongings as a lasting memory of her and has endeavoured to share her experience of knowing someone who was a hoarder; recording the items that she collected and treasured throughout her life.