Lucy Wright is an artist and researcher, with an interest in traditions of participation. Her dialogical practice combines making and performance, and draws on her academic background in ethnomusicology—the social science concerned with people, performance and place.   There is often an ethnographic sensibility to her approach—she typically spends long periods working in a single place or with a specific community, making work both independently and in collaboration with others. For example, since 2012 she has been involved with the  carnival troupe dancing community, in West Lancashire and Stoke-on-Trent, exploring the contemporary legacy of the ‘town carnival movement’ in the North of England. Her performances and installations aim to counter narrow and limiting depictions of working-class culture, and emphasise, in particular, the creative contributions of girls and young women.  Lucy completed her practice-led PhD at MIRIAD (Manchester School of Art) in 2014, and is currently employed as a Senior Research Associate on the Participatory Arts and DIY Culture project at the University of East Anglia.


Tel: 07772004224

Bear Dance


Ballot Urns
Bling 2